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Indian matchmaking

What is wrong with Netflix’s new series “Indian Matchmaking” which is taking the internet by storm
1) Girl: I wanna work post marriage
Boy: If you will work, who is going to take care of the home & kids 😲😲

2) Mom: Get married fast, it’s time someone comes & takes care of you and manage your foods & daily needs etc 😲😲

3) Guy rejecting 150 proposals just on the basis of photograph – OK
Girl rejecting 2 proposals post meeting etc – She is very fickle minded 😲😲

4) Matchmaker: Girls have to always compromise & adjust, why would the guy need too 😲😲

5) To be Mom-in-law: This is my home, I have run it by my rules, whoever comes should be flexible and abide by the rules I run this house by 😲😲

Guys, what are we putting out. In the time where our content should be pushing down such mindsets, we are going ahead and promoting this

When you have such a good opportunity to showcase what’s right & what’s not, we are making out some very wrong things to be cool.

I agree, at the end of the day, it’s all abt TRP, viewership and business but take a step back and think…

Think… Ponder… Introspect…

“ Adult things “ , be my guest !

Last week, I received a connection request from a young attractive guy. ..about 19-20 years old… I was curious.
I wanted to know why someone that young wanted to be my LinkedIn connection.
So I accepted it. Then he happened to send me messages on Instagram as well.

He called me beautiful, vibrant and sassy ( I have serious doubts on all words though). He asked my age. I’m not a liar so I told him and reminded him I’m quite a bit his senior. And I let him talk a bit cuz (truth be told) flattery ain’t all bad. 😉
We kept chatting for a while and within a short time, he asked if we could talk about ‘adult things’. I said ok. Then he replied with a face like 👿. He said ‘thank you babe, you start.”

So I did! I told him adult things like I have arthritis and my knees hurt badly. My back acts up when it is cold outside. I explained that I have crazy insomnia. Didn’t forget to tell him that I have a pacemaker. And of course I told him about the laxatives. Can’t forget that.
Didn’t forget to tell him that I have a good quality denture
I was as honest as I could be about ADULT THINGS but I don’t understand why he blocked me 😳😳🤓🤓😆😆😆😆😆😆

Are you the modern day Abhimanyu

Those reading this blog, might know the story of Abhimanyu and his untimely demise in the Kurukshetra battle field. A young boy with zeal to help and support his father and uncles and stand by his Dharma, got himself into such hot water that even Krishna could not step in, or so we wonder and that’s a story for another time.

What got this young boy killed in that battel field was the incomplete knowledge that he possessed. Post birth, throughout his education, taught by might warriors, Abhimanyu never once asks anyone of his mighty teachers, to explain or teach him how to break the chakravyuh.

However, what got me thinking about Abhimanyu, is that we get see so many Abhimanyus around me on a day to day basis.

People know everything or so they think, as google maata is there to tell us all. (Talk to a doctor and they will tell you how many patients and their caregivers tell them what treatment to give or not give.)

There is nothing more dangerous than incomplete knowledge, which ironically, is believed to be complete and worst still not explored for clarity and deeper understanding. 

Now, I am not saying don’t google, all I am saying is dig deeper, ask few more questions to those who might know more or are subject matter experts, listen carefully to them and then use the knowledge.

What worries me most, is when I see people, myself included, stop short of asking more and listening deeply when the knowledge is imparted, which leads to so many mishaps and misunderstandings.

Technology has made information flow so easy, a click of a button and sometimes not even that as google can be talked to…which is great and has done wonders for our lifestyle. However, living in the VUCA environment makes it imperative that we upgrade ourselves constantly, even our phone apps are upgraded every 45 days or so.  All then that needs to be done to upgrade ourselves is to ask more questions and listening deeply

Humility of acceptance, that we may not know everything, is the starting point to take our life from good to great. We not only need a curious mind but an open one as well.

Divyastra aka Education

For all those who have lost jobs due to covid situation or are reeling under #depression due to psychological causes from #wfh conditions, here is an insightful takeaway from one of the many lessons from the greatest epic of all times- #Mahabharat
When Arjun had got frustrated at what to do in exile of 12 years, Krishna had told him ” Parth divyastra ki khoj karo, jisse jab yudh aaye to ye na ho ki tapasya kar leta Aur divyastra le leta to acha rehta” (ignore the colloquial language).

e-learning platforms like #linkedinlearning , #coursera , #udemy , #upgrad , #edX etc are providing easy access to programs that can inculcate skills and interest, which will be valued across time frames- with or without pandemic.

learning #skills #onlinelearning #pandemicresponse #mahabharat #lessonsfrommythology #lessonslearnt

Fact based reporting

It is said that Sage Vyasa had prayed to Gods for a scribe who is worthy of writing the greatest epic, #Mahabharat. Brahma recommended the services of Ganesha who was excited to work with Vyasa but with a condition: He will write as long as the torrent of words flowing out of Vyasa’s mouth was continuous enough to keep his quill moving. Vyasa in turn agreed to this condition with a counter condition that Ganesha must understand the meaning of every word before putting it down.

Key takeaway: The agreement between the #storyteller and the #scribe to be true to the story.

The storyteller must tell the tale without any conscious bending of the facts and the role of the scribe is to write down the story content without any tempering to its essence and theme.

This holds relevance mostly for #Dataanalytics teams , Market research teams and Sales/ Marketing teams as storytelling and scribe, should remain true to the coherence and theme of the data being presented and refrain from painting any non-existent rosy pictures.

Stay true, stay upfront.

In the field of Journalism and news reporting ( especially in case of encounter of terrorists and war like situations), #Factbasedreporting forms the cornerstone of public trust.

marketresearch #consumerinsights #lessonslearnt

My office chair

They say it is true love when you miss someone even more after letting it go. It does not let you work, stay at peace throughout the day. The other side keeps on taking care of you without asking anything in return. You do not really need to say “I love you” to make them realize your feelings, it comes in automatically – day in and day out, you both become inseparable.

Now that this lockdown has kept us away, I have realized its true power. Being miles apart, I think it is best that I express it before you start developing the same love for others close to you when I am not there. I need to hold on to you. I need you back post this lockdown.

And you may ask, what all do I love about you? I would say that you mean the world nothing more. If it’s not the absence that makes your heart grow fonder, I can’t say what does it anymore.

It’s been tough not having you around, resorting to an alternative with no strings attached is not what I need. The dining chair with all pomp and no show is no substitute for you. It’s good for momentary use, but not when it becomes a huge part of your day. It hurts my back, the neck pains and I curse the time you got away. 

There’s nothing like your black sleek mesh that would hold me when I was down, your lumbar support was just perfect for me! 

Your arm-rests comforted me through the most crucial aspects of my workday. But with a fancier facade I have is all about colours and zero emotions at play. Even the physical connection has swayed! I want it all back, that emotional combination and connect once again.

Do you know what is even worse? The chair at my home is controlling my thoughts, it’s restricting the pace of my day. With thy beauty on wheels, I flew all the time. Fetching that hot cup of coffee without stepping out a dime. None of which is possible anymore. I want to get rid of these shackles right now. For I was a free bird before, free of the chains of monotony. Most of which, came with the love you gave me. 

Agreed, I might have betrayed you a few times, choosing somewhere else to sit in the office must have felt bad, but I am deeply sorry for that. It won’t happen ever again. I will inscribe my love for you with my name and ensure that we cannot be swayed. A bit possessive eh? Yeah, this lockdown has changed me a bit.

Oh, I wish the world allows us to be back together. They do not know what you are to me. And when it’s a matter of love, even the world cannot keep us apart for long. 

Remember those times when you had a problem with me gaining weight? Have shed all those kilos while remembering you! Have learnt some amazing things we can work out together, can’t wait till you see a fun version of me. Come May 18th, we will be inseparable – just need a day and I will bring you home to be together forever!

Just a few more days, till we meet again


One of the most awaited movies for me this year. Touched upon a sensitive topic. The movie not just highlights physical abuse but how the court drama plays out when a woman accuses a man of wrong doing – that’s what I gathered from the trailer at least.

It provoked a lot of argument-counter-arguments. Some said it is exaggerating, some said it is trivialising. There are always two sides to a story and a lot of subjectivity that cannot be labelled. But then again, there are personal thresholds.

Can a woman hit a man – No. It is equality we are talking about and not privileges. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Don’t play victim just because you have been given some rights.

Is it right for the parents to hit their child – No. We are all a product of our circumstances and the exposure we got in our childhood. Hitting is not just a physical phenomenon, it impacts one’s self respect and ego. Specifically when done in front of others, it scars one for life.

Should a drastic step be taken for just one slap – it’s not the physical abuse that is significant here, but the resurfacing of all the insecurities, the hidden demons that you have sweeping under the rugs all this while with a fake smile on your face. It’s the investment you made for life. You gave your all to be with the one. It’s the betrayal, the scar that you will now have for the rest of your life that will not allow you to ever trust someone again.

Yes, I am too late to post on this. The trailer has been out for some days already. But couldn’t just bring myself to watch it. Took me time to gather myself for this.

Hoping that the movie will do justice to the subject.

Our rendezvous

Those anxious 2 mins when I could see him waving at me at the airport and I was deciding whether I should step out of the car and hug him to show my familiarity.. still deciding and meanwhile I just pushed the button to open the back of my car.

Dickey not opening up or he is deliberating struggling with it , I stood out, panting for quick breaths and with a big smile and clear objective of avoiding eye contact. Before I could help him out, he held me close. Still I felt awkward, though this wasn’t the first hug with him , but this time it was different, coz we were more than casual friends now.

I tried my best to put up the coldest poker face ever but the butterflies in the stomach had started finding their way in my speech also. Dude ! I felt such giddiness inside. Such an amazing yet anxious feeling.

My plan was clear, to waste away the whole night roaming around in mumbai. After an okish dinner, we strolled around Taj in Colaba. The feel of his hand had started generating warm sensations in me. I took a step forward and he immediately inclined. Our first romantic hug happened. Such amazing chemistry and vibes I felt between us. I could feel his strong shoulders and broad hands, such a familiar feeling. We both said at same time “ ghar chalein “ . On the way back, much to my surprise he dossed off while I was driving and enjoying the music. I have always hated the sight of a man sleeping next to me in the car . But I felt all the more love for him.

Famished since past 2 days !!!

Day 0: Train travel from Delhi to Jaipur 

Day 1: Real work starts, every one concerned about ur wherebouts.. In market by 10:30 AM and retired for hotel  at 9 PM .. Quite a learning I felt

Day 2: 6 AM train to Sawaii Madhopur, jam packed to the core, some rowdies staring at u and u can’t help it, welcome to the General Passenger coach ( First time in life !!)

As the day progresses I realize, my belly is empty and I dared not to look at the local market. Gathered some courage to buy  “Lays Spanish tomato” and the packet there read ” Pays Spanish Potato”. I just took my hand back. Never in my life till now, I had traveled in cheap transport in a day altogether.  Kudos to the “New learning ”  which I m supposed to imbibe.

The lady accompanying me seem good enough to interact but soon I realize she has this bossy thing in her.  Furthermore, it’s a day of turn offs but I am trying to accommodate and “learning to adjust”. 

It was 4:30 and I was happy that we had covered all potential targets, stood happily infront of the bus ticket counter to head towards Jaipur. Suddenly a voice came from behind ” 2 for Tonk “, I looked back agaped to just ask her ” ain’t we going back ?? Was Tonk in the plan for the day ? ” 

To my surprise, things are not that very well planned here. I gathered my senses and sat in that local bus, stinking and painted throughout with Paan.  It took us 2.5 hrs to reach from Sawai Madhopur to Tonk  and the Doctor was not available though we had taken prior appointment. I said to myself ” What bull shit is this ? “

Then I tried to calm myself and felt how the lady with me must be feeling.  We again boarded the bus and returned to Jaipur at 9:30 PM….. 

As  I entered the room, I crashed into bed like pigs do with the ditch !!!

Soon I realized the pillow was right beneath my stomach, OMG I was on empty stomach with no food, no water the whole day !!!!

Ordered for some biryani and hogged upon it like Vulture and dozzed offf….


Yippy finally :)

The morning is so perfect!!  New life begins… Meeting with the seniors… 

Oppsie… people seem to be working under some deterrence may be attendance, big boss watching… From where does the new ideas flow then ???

They say ” we celebrate all festivals together like a family”.. A look at the holidays calender cleared all the air of   togetherness…..  Not many holidays to enjoy with real family and friends…

We had this Aunty ji hawking up on us every now and then posing to be the Miss Something…. On the contrary   her interpersonal skills betrayed her role.. 

I could find respite only during the talks with my immediate Boss.. 🙂

At last I could encounter someone who believes in “Communication” ( Not Corporate communication like others).

Positive energy exudes his face, hard work and also the tactics brighten up his sentences. Really looking forward to work with this legend in itself. ( No requirement of GMP, ISO certification for certifying the Legends !!! )